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I know its a little early but

Jingle Bell Rock w/ my mom

i hate being that person who comments on posts but i just want u all to know that i watch this video all the fucking time every year once it hits september bc nothing gets me more pumped for christmas than this person rocking out w/ their mom while their mom windexes a countertop

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Meguro-river ,Meguro-ku ,Tokyo by DB* on Flickr.


Meguro-river ,Meguro-ku ,Tokyo by DB* on Flickr.

obviously glee is torrid drama set to classic broadway songs. get it straight. *lowers sarcasm hand*

how dare you imply there is anything about glee to get “straight”

re: sp0ilers

so i am not a spoiler-free blog?  i try to tag for spoilers though!  it is usually “(name/acronym  of thing) spoilers”.

for TV shows, i stop tagging for spoilers the second it airs on TV in the central time zone so i can liveblog quickly and without missing anything.  (i have been known, on occasion, to continue tagging .gifsets and the like for a few hours after it airs though.  but don’t count on it.)  for internet-accessed stuff, like podcasts, i stop tagging for spoilers as soon as i have consumed said media.  for movies, i stop tagging for spoilers a month after its release date.

text about spoilers go under a cut, and thinky thought reactions to things often get put under a cut as well, even after i stop tagging for spoilers.

so there’s my general policy.  but i am not 100% reliable, unfortunately.  i can get wrapped up in media and forget to tag or put things under a cut and so on.  i am usually pretty good about it, but to err is human or whatever, GOMEN I AM TRASH.

but my point is, this is how i roll?  feel free to do what you will with the information: blacklist things, unfollow/block me until after you get a chance to watch the episode, unfollow me completely, whatever.  you do your thing!

tl;dr not-spoiler free, and not always the best at tagging for spoilers, however you proceed is totes cool.


what i want from cap 3 is sam and steve busting their asses going across the world looking for bucky and endangering their lives every 20 minutes and it cuts to bucky who is still safely in new york eating frozen yogurt

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sneak peak. - Season 2, Episode 1.

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Who insults a man’s pie crust anyway?

i am reading the world’s best fic again god bless

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it’s amazing that there are so many glee “fans” who are NOT here for torrid drama set to top 40s pop songs, WHAT DO THEY THINK GLEE IS?

You’re the most amazing dancer I’ve ever met.

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you did laundry TWO DAYS AGO you have to take your clean clothes and put them away now


the secret police with be there to apprehend you shortly


lotr/the hobbit places, 60 years apart

night vale episode 54

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